Problems We Solve

Rapid Growth

  • Taking your business to the next level means your technology also needs to scale up to meet the demands
  • We partner with our clients to ensure that their systems are ready to meet the challenges of rapid growth with our full range of scalable IT solutions
  • IT infrastructure support that is aligned to your business objectives

Cyber Security

  • Protect your business from a cyber attack, data loss / breaches, cloud security with our secure IT solutions
  • Next generation Firewalls
  • Anti virus
  • Email security / anti spam
  • Data recovery

Ageing Infrastructure

  • Combat the problems of an ageing IT system
    • Business infrastructure advice
    • Cloud implementation
    • Workplace transformation
    • IT consultancy

Data recovery

  • Services include assessment of server in case of data loss and identification of possible failure points
  • Provide expert guidance on how to prevent further data loss
  • Assess the possibility of a Remote Data Recovery
  • Veeam® Cloud Connect for a fast and secure backup and replication to the cloud

Flexible Working

  • Mobile solutions to ensure your business is always “ON” and provides flexibility to remote workers to be responsive to clients
  • Up-to-date advice on the latest mobile technologies
  • Tailored voice and data packages
  • Hardware advice & Telecom support

IT Strategy

  • We help you achieve your goals with a robust IT strategy
  • Audit of your current IT infrastructure with a view to
    • Cut out wasteful technology
    • Align IT with business objectives
    • Control your IT budget and support growth

Modernizing Business

  • Give your IT infrastructure a modern makeover
  • Transform your business into an agile, forward facing firm
  • Solutions include Workplace transformation, Hosted VoIP, technology advice etc.

Cloud or Not

  • Implement Cloud Technology
    • Infrastructure that can be scaled up and down quickly and easily
    • Reduce CAPEX by reducing the amount spent on hardware
    • Increase collaboration by allowing real time visibility of everyone’s contributions